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The Beacon Fight for Life Ltd Mission statement is to, Re-connect the Australian and Multicultural Communities, by raising awareness through education, communication, dance and celebration to significantly reduce the amount of Australians taking their own life. Ultimately these simple techniques will inspire people to choose life.

Troy Coward and Derek Best have joined forces and merged to form the Beacon Fight for Life Ltd (BFFL). 

Troy Coward also had a personal journey with losing his father to suicide at the young age of 15. Troy has been involved as a mentor to the youth in WA for Zero to Hero and is an ambassador for various foundations such as Lifeline, Mental Health Commission, Men’s Health week campaign, Haka for life and Corroboree for life. Troy is extremely passionate and has a desire to create an event to raise awareness of suicide in the communities and is called the Fight for Life Festival.

Together their goal is simple, to significantly reduce the number of Australians who take their own life. They do this through sharing their lived experiences. Their aim is to introduce simple training techniques and to educate businesses offering immediate help for those in a crisis or experiencing a mental / mind health episode. Together their vision has been forged as a genuine resource for those looking to reach out while having suicidal thoughts, whether at work or simply with in their community.

Broadly, the Beacon Fight for Life Ltd will offer immediate personal support for those in crisis. The Beacon Fight for Life will educate small business owners and their teams to listen non judgementally to assist their local community members when experiencing a mental health / mind health episodes.


Did you know that with in the next 12 months 20% of all Australians will experience a mental episode? And a staggering 50% of all Australians will in a lifetime?


In 2018 an average of 8.3 people took their own life a day in Australia. In 2013, 6 people a day died by suicide. So it is fair to say that the rate at which Australians are taking their own life are on the increase.

On a global scale approximately 800 000 people a year take there own life, (which equates to one person every 40 seconds and for every one person that takes their own life, 20 others attempt suicide)

At Beacon Fight for Life we are passionate about reducing the amount of Australians that take their own life daily. Please kindly donate so we can help the Australian and the Multicultural communities through these tough times.


Troy has had his own personal journey after losing his father to suicide at the young age of 15. He’s since lost 4 friends & after finding his mates sisters partner that had taken his own life, He has taken the past two years off from the film industry to focus on something close to his heart, “Suicide Prevention”.

Troy has been involved as a Celebrity public speaker & mentor for the youth in W.A. For years with foundations like “Zero To Hero“ Camp Mentoring back in 2013. Troy was inspired so much by the camps curriculum had on the children’s mindset & since inspired him to live for something bigger than himself. In the forthcoming years Troy Coward has been involved as a passionate Ambassador & Mental Health advocator for various foundations such as Lifeline, Mental Health Commission, Men’s Health Week Campaign, Happiness Co, Haka For Life and Cooberee For Life just to name a few.


Troy recently participated as the only non-indigenous performer in the “Haka For Life“ Anzac Day collaborative Aboriginal and Maori dance event at Kings Park performing in front of over 10,000 people as a stand against suicide & fallen soldiers due to PTSD campaigning for Australians to ultimately Choose Life. Troy is extremely passionate & committed to live for something bigger than himself.

“Living Your Best Life”

Having a deep desire to create massive awareness worldwide with being a Co founder of Beacon Fight For Life.

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